ZO Learning Lab Accreditation


The ZO® Learning Lab offers online learning management system that will allow you to have access to a wide range of educational opportunities right at your fingertips. This interactive training covers topics such as ZO® Principles, Dr. Obagi’s Skin Classification System, Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin, Product Knowledge, and everything else you will need to know about creating and maintaining skin health for your patients with ZO®.

The accreditation serves as a badge of honour that you are knowledgeable in your field and that you are an expert with regards to the ZO® Medical, Skin Health and Professional product ranges. This accreditation will give you valuable information which you can pass on to patients or provide greater efficacy when diagnosing and treating skin conditions.

The accreditation of the ZO Learning Lab will position you and your clinic above others as a ZO® Expert. The prestige of being a ZO® Expert will be noted on the ZO® South Africa find a stockist page and patients will be direct to these clinics first and foremost. We will rest assured that potential and existing ZO® users are in capable hands if we refer them to these ZO® Experts.