Benefits of Retinol

The Real Retinol Benefits

Many myths abound on the use of retinol and how it is dangerous for or detrimental to your skin. As a derivative or more diluted form of Vitamin A, the perception that retinol is aggressive and aggravates skin sensitivity is overstated as a gradual introduction of retinol will build tolerance to this dynamic ingredient. If used correctly, retinol is perhaps one of the most effective actives in the quest for anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation and renewal.

What are the benefits of retinol?

Retinol has long been used as part of an anti-ageing skincare regimen which reduces wrinkles and reverses previous skin damage. Its primary effect is to boost collagen production in your skin and thereby minimise the appearance of wrinkles and lines. In addition, retinol assist to unclog pores and prevent build up in the skin, which facilitates exfoliation and improved penetration of other skin products. It can also help in lightening and making pigmentation look less severe, as well as preventing acne, and assisting in reversing acne scarring. The benefits are numerous.

Working at molecular level

Another benefit of retinol is that it works on a molecular level to normalise cell turnover. What this means is that its molecular structure is small enough to be able to penetrate the skin to do its work. What this implies for your skin, then, is a smoother texture, brighter complexion and less dark sunspots and age spots, as well as diminishing hyperpigmentation. With these obvious advantages, there should be no reason to avoid using it in any skincare product.

ZO Skin Health and retinol

ZO Skin Health has fully embraced retinol in its skincare products, so much so that it has become the core part of any ZO Skin Health care programme. As always, ZO Skin Health products are backed by sound skin science and its founder, Dr Zein Obagi, affirms that topical agents, such as retinol and DNA repair enzymes, should promote skin health through regimens based on the individual’s specific skin type and needs.  One of its signature retinol products is the Radical Night Repair, a potent form of retinol which triggers natural skin hydration and rejuvenation from deep within.

From the Daily Power Defense, to the Wrinkle and Texture Repair (previously Retemax) and many other products, ZO Skin Health’s anti-ageing offerings use retinol in order to stimulate epidermal renewal and collagen production.  This helps even out your skin tone in addition to ensuring regenerated skin from the inside.  More concentrated retinol products include Retinol Skin Brightener (previously Brightenex) has 0.25%, 0.5% and 1% concentrations, aimed at targeting skin discolouration and breaking up existing pigmentation while gradually building retinol tolerance.

Unique products for unique skin types

Naturally, as with any skincare product, retinol should not be used in isolation but as part of a comprehensive and committed skincare programme. Furthermore, it is always wise to consult your aesthetic practitioner or therapist regarding which products are best suited to your unique skin type and tone.


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