Non-HQ Kit Even Skin Tone

ZO® Non-Hydroquinone Hyperpigmentation System for Even Skin Tone

This multi-product, skin therapy system was designed for the treatment of hyperpigmentation without the use of hydroquinone.

ZO® Post Procedure Recovery System

The ZO® Post-Procedure System is the most effective program for post-procedure skin management. It is designed for use after laser resurfacing procedures, chemical peels or combination treatment.


Skin Normalizing System

ZO® Rozatrol™ Skin Normalizing System

Therapeutic treatment for red, sensitised skin

This system works to normalise the visible symptoms known to be associated with Rosacea. A powerful inflammatory modulation complex helps reverse the appearance of skin redness while antioxidants protect from daily exposure to irritants that can aggravate sensitised skin. A triple-blend sebum control complex reduces oil and redness as enzymes gently exfoliate dry skin to smooth skin texture and even skin tone. A combination of amino acids support optimal micro-circulation to encourage healthy vascular functions and restore skin to a more radiant appearance.