Pigmentation Treatment

Treating the after effects of that sunny holiday
Sun damaged skin treatments

Treating the after effects of that sunny holiday

Treating the after effects of that sunny holiday – Pigmentation treatment

Holidays are done, and although we have enjoyed the outdoors, for many of us this has meant overexposure to the sun. So, instead of coming home with a tanned and rested complexion, we’re left with pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

We all love to soak in all that Vitamin D, but too many hours in the sun, without enough sunscreen and not using the right skin protection, can cause serious damage, including pigmented skin, photoaging and, at worst, the possibility of developing skin cancer. The importance of using proper SPF sunscreen, therefore, cannot be underestimated. Luckily, ZO® Skin Health focuses on effective and sustainable skin care and uses scientific research to develop exceptional sun protection products, some specifically for sun damaged skin. 

Sun damaged skin

While we are all aware that overexposure to the sun is bad for our skin, sometimes we are caught out and suffer severe sunburn or hyperpigmentation. This is where ZO® Skin Health comes so ably to the rescue, offering a variety of skin care treatment programmes (both professional in-clinic and at-home care) to help repair the skin after sun exposure.

Brightenex – the ultimate pigmentation treatment

One of these revolutionary skin pigmentation treatments is ZO® Skin Health’s Brightenex range, which is a non-bleaching skin brightener and correcting cream that comes in varying strengths. This cream is bioengineered to target all states of skin discolouration by breaking up existing pigmentation and enhancing new cells, resulting in an even skin colour and tone. Because of its high potency ingredients, you will experience some dryness and some peeling a few days after first application, but this can be treated by using supporting ZO® Skin Health products.

C-Bright Serum 10% Vitamin C

Another alternative to treating hyperpigmentation after a sunny holiday is Ossential® C-Bright Serum 10% Vitamin C, which provides a potent pure dose of vitamin C that is stabilized to brighten and re-texturize your skin. The Serum helps to remove surface discolouration, while defending your skin against environmental triggers that cause pigmentation and preventing any new pigment from forming. It does this by breaking up existing pigmentation and successfully controlling any new pigmentation formation by up to 80%, thereby facilitating a more even skin tone and brighter complexion. The Serum should be the first product you apply after cleansing in the mornings and evenings, and should be applied gradually at first and then increased based on your skin’s tolerance.

Although, the aftermath of too much sun can be treated, it should also serve as a reminder to protect your skin from the sun on a daily basis. Applying a good sunscreen or sunblock ultimately enhances your skin health and will also prevent any further damage in future.

ZO® Skin Health sunscreen offerings

All ZO® Skin Health sunscreens have an SPF factor of 30 or higher, and thus provide broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, as well as protection against high-energy visible (HEV) light. In addition, most of them ensure a 12-hour time release of their antioxidant complex which guards against photodamage and diminishes the appearance of fine lines. The Oclipse® Smart Tone SPF 50 provides all that, in addition to a sheer tinted primer for anti-redness and customized skin tone.  If you’re very active, or outdoors very often, and need sun protection that is easy to use, quick-drying and water and perspiration resistant, then the Oclipse® Daily Sheer SPF 50 is something to consider. Naturally, with any sun protection product, it is important to keep re-applying every eighty minutes to two hours for maximum protection.

With ZO® Skin Health, we are always assured of effective, scientifically proven, sun protection and the best possible treatments for overall skin health. Even after sun damage, the brand provides us with an array of options for skin repair, rejuvenation and addressing pigmentation. However, we should never sway from the mantra that prevention is better than cure, and ZO® Skin Health is thus the ideal partner in effective sun protection.

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